Krzysztof Jezierski

Full Day

8 hours

8 hours hire

Studio space:

7m X 4m X 3m

Video examples:

Music Video

Product Video

Talking Head Green Screen

Variety of backgrounds choice included in hire price.


white, black, grey, orange, pink, green + greenscreen and pop up bluescreen.

Lights, lighting accessories and tripods included in hire.


1. Godox VL300

1. Ifootage Aglerfish 320D

1. Ifootage Aglerfish 220D

1. Ifootage Aglerfish 70D

4. 3ft Andromeda Boltzen RGBW Lighttubes

4. 1ft Andromeda Boltzen RGBW Lighttubes

4. Ifootage Anglerfish HL1 C4 Pocket Lights

2. 100 cm Lightdomes with Honeycombe

2. 60 cm Lightdomes with Honeycomb

2. Lantern Softoboxes

2 light diffusers

4 x C-stand

Studio space also includes:

changing room,


sitting area with coffee machine and soft drinks,


Fridge and microwave

free parking space.

The studio space can be blacked out for video/photo shoots.

We offer the possibility of hiring the equipment for an additional fee:

- Camcorder Sony FS700 (£100 per day)

- Camera Canon 70D (£75 per day)

- Ifootage motorized slider (£75 per day)

- camera operator/photographer (£150 per day)

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